Business Assessments

Helping you get your business into great shape...

Our Business assessments help you to understand where your business is today, focusing you onto those areas where you can add most value. By assessing the functions and capabilities within your business, you get an immediate and crystal clear view of what's holding you back, where you can make improvements and what strengths you can exploit to gain competitive advantage.

We have a range of business assessments suitable for every size and type
of organisation including those operating in the voluntary sector.

Why not complete an online 'self assessment' now? It's completely free and without any obligation. Once you've answered a few straightforward questions, you'll be able to download a comprehensive report showing your strengths and areas for improvement. Your results remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Once you've received your report, one of our accredited business advisers will contact you to answer any questions you might
have and to discuss improvement actions.

Our Success Driver assessment measures key indicators within your business that are critical to success. Evidence suggests that businesses with strong success drivers are more like to succeed, delivering greater profitability over a more sustainable period. During difficult economic conditions, the success drivers provide a good indicator of a business being ready to react to opportunities presented by an improving market.

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