Fred Aitken

Specialist Knowledge: Technical Sales / Marketing, Product Development, Proposal Writing, Engineering Management.

Qualifications: CEng FIEE AinstIBI

Background: Fred Qualified as an Electrical Engineer at Heriot Watt College (now Heiot Watt University) with distinction in electronics. He commenced his career as a development engineer with Ferranti Ltd in the field of microwave electronics inventing the broadband junction ferrite circulator and its derivatives. This resulted in a range of new products which found wide application in the telecommunications and defence industries.

He later joined Microwave and Electronic Systems Ltd (MESL), a start up company, as Microwave Division Manager with responsibility for R&D, production, sales and marketing. During this period, he built up the company's technology capability and expanded its product base to the point where MESL became acknowledged as the market leader in its field. Under his management, pioneering work was initiated, leading to the development of the first commercially available microwave intruder alarm and its subsequent refinements into infra-red and ultrasonic variants for industrial and domestic applications. New technology and devices continued to be developed under his guidance leading to significant improvements in Radar and related systems.

After a series of acquisitions and mergers, Fred became a Board Director of Racal Defence Radar & Displays Ltd. with special responsibility for Operations in Scotland.

During the acquisition and merger years Fred built up a formidable expertise in technical sales and marketing, complex proposal writing , engineering management and financial management.
All these processes require the application of clear and logical thought, lateral thinking and negotiation skills.

Fred was elected an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International in 2001 subsequently joining DMAS Limited in 2001 as Operations Director and has been applying these skills to our customers with great success.

He is Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Lendrick Muir Company and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of Seamab School. He is a founder member of the Board of Directors of the Nazareth Village Company in Israel.

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